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Our natural treatment for fertility approach is holistic and innovative. In addition to implementing Traditional Chinese Medicine for fertility treatments, we also embody an integrative approach. We borrow from natural global healing traditions, ancient and modern techniques alike, including: modern nutrition, castor oil treatments, aromatherapy (essential oils), western herbalism, massage, meditation, charting basal body temperature and cervical mucus, and meditation. Sometimes our patients are combining TCM treatments with ART treatments and sometimes patients are exclusively using TCM treatments for fertility to regulate their menstrual cycle. After coming in for your initwww.facebook.com/BlackBirdPhotographyMNial consultation and discussing your report of findings, we will create a treatment protocol that fits your own individual needs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers much wisdom for families dealing with fertility issues.  The first thing that is addressed is harmonizing the internal landscape.  It is wise to make sure a woman’s or man’s body is balanced sufficiently to not only conceive (via many avenues) but to nurture a pregnancy to term.  When initially coming in for a consultation, we discuss at length:  one’s health history, current issues, sleep, digestion, menstrual cycle, diet, stress level, amongst many other things.  We observe your tongue, your skin, hair, feel your pulse, listen to how you speak, and from there, we diagnose you with a pattern that is unique to you specifically.  We constantly evaluate one’s pattern, offer regular acupuncture treatments, place a strong emphasis upon regulating and understanding the menstrual cycle, offer lifestyle suggestions, look closely at diet, and perhaps add herbs and supplements to your natural treatment for fertility protocol.

Research proves that acupuncture works best when it is performed consistently, allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body while healing is happening.  We offer custom tailored packages that allow clients to come in regularly.  Our belief is that healing happens most successfully when done in collaboration.  We are honored to walk with you on your healing journey.