Julie Colby as a pregnant mama Blackbird Photography

Julie Colby as a pregnant mama
Blackbird Photography


I support women having unmedicated births, medicated births, surgical births, home births, birthing centers births, same sex couples, single by choice parents, and families who have worked very hard to become pregnant. I support pregnant women and partners throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum phase by offering information, education, comfort measures, emotional and physical support.

IMG_2541 I did my DONA training with Marla Lukes Dorsey and my ToLabor training with Therese Hak-Kuhn. I believe women birth most efficiently when they are informed with information and options. As a doula, I share my knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and parenting with families. I am honored to share the sacred birthing space with families.

IMG_2549The first time we meet, we have a casual discussion to see whether our personalities mesh and if we want to move forward as a team. If we decide to work together, we sign a contract and a deposit of $600 is paid. We meet 2-3 times prenatally. At our last meeting (typically 38 weeks), the remainder of my fee ($600) is collected. I typically join families in the active labor phase and stay throughout the entire birth.  I love to stay until breastfeeding has been initiated. I offer 1-2 postpartum visits to discuss the birth, check to see how families are doing, and I love being able to prepare something amazing for moms and partners to eat!

A doula honors and protects birth as being a normal rite of passage rather than an extraordinary medical event. A doula supports women’s choices even if they differ from her own. Give us a call at 612.240.3883 to discuss your family’s needs.