New class!

New class!

Are you interested in Chinese Medicine but want to deepen your understanding of how it applies to YOU? Maybe you already see an acupuncturist but are still hungry for more information. Or maybe you are totally new to Chinese Medicine and want to learn more about it.This class will cover:

~ An introduction to Yin and Yang, The Five Elements, Hot
and Cold, Interior and Exterior, and Zangfu organ

~ Suggestions to harmonize the most common

~ Why common imbalances happen.

Class is $40 and limited to eight participants. Please email Julie at

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  1. Linda Demmer says:

    I am interested in more info-at work and having trouble readin the site and getting into certain links. Thank you so much! I’ll try again at home and maybe stop by, en route to home from DT Mpls. Have had Acu before and seeking treatment. I also am interested in classes on Chinese Medicine. Thanks!

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