Dampness is a Drag

Friends and community,


I was doing some research for a patient today and came across this terrific description of dampness, written by Amy C. Darling, an acupuncturist in the Pacific Northwest. She has some truly poignant words regarding our not so good friend, Dampness. Here is a link to her inspiring article:  http://amycdarling.com/pdf/Avoiding_Damp_Accumulation_Through_Food_Choices.pdf

Love Notes and Gratitude

Hello wonderful community, I have been loving being in the office a lot more the last few weeks as I have said goodbye to my summer hours. I got a new dog named Joe Joe, a highly spirit teenaged Mastiff that was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Missouri. He has been taking me onContinue Reading

The Birth Song

As someone who loves birth and can’t get enough of it, it pleases me to discover the many ways that birth happens globally. Read more about birth in the Himba tribe:  https://theperfectbirth.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/the-himba-namibia-the-birth-song/

Postpartum Healing Circle

We are so excited to offer a new postpartum healing circle at Lady’s Slipper! This weekly gathering beginning June 24th will meet 2-3pm and has room for twelve women. It is drop-in, no registration needed (but a heads up can hold a spot!).  This group is intended for women in their first postpartum year. BabesContinue Reading

Breech Babies and Chinese Medicine

Breech Babies and How Chinese Medicine Can Help     by Julie Colby, L.Ac.   It is becoming harder and harder to find a provider willing to attend a breech birth, particularly in the hospital or birthing center.  There are many homebirth midwives who will gladly assist at these births, but the percentage of familiesContinue Reading

Creating Space

Most of us have goals and aspirations yet fulfilling them is not an easy task.  In the fast-paced culture that many of us subscribe to, finding respite is challenging.  Often, we place incredibly high expectations on our performance without even being fully aware of it.  When this happens, energy is being taken from our GateContinue Reading

The Healing Journey.

Healing is like an extended vacation that is full of mystery.  Sometimes, you set the agenda, travel to your chosen destination place and enjoy the view.  Other times, there are variables involved that complicate the experience.  Perhaps there was traffic along the way and your tour started without you.  Maybe you got there and justContinue Reading

Mama Heal, Baby Heal

Mama Heal, Baby Heal

Exciting news here at Lady’s Slipper!  We are taking the Twin Cities by storm with a new healing group happening here on Fridays.  This drop-in healing gathering is an opportunity for pregnant and postpartum mamas and their babes to be nurtured. Let us feed you a bowl of soup while you enjoy reiki, acupuncture, bodywork, cupping,Continue Reading

New class!

New class!

Are you interested in Chinese Medicine but want to deepen your understanding of how it applies to YOU? Maybe you already see an acupuncturist but are still hungry for more information. Or maybe you are totally new to Chinese Medicine and want to learn more about it.This class will cover: ~ An introduction to YinContinue Reading

Community Acupuncture starting back up!

Community Acupuncture starting back up!

Join us 2/15/14 for community acupuncture from 9-12 (last appointment is at 11:30am).  Healing that happens in the presence of others generates powerful possibilities.  We are delighted to offer this service to our beloved community at the greatly reduced rate of $15-50 per treatment.   Community acupuncture is based upon the premise that affordable acupunctureContinue Reading