Creating Space

Most of us have goals and aspirations yet fulfilling them is not an easy task.  In the fast-paced culture that many of us subscribe to, finding respite is challenging.  Often, we place incredibly high expectations on our performance without even being fully aware of it.  When this happens, energy is being taken from our Gate of Vitality, which leaves us feeling depleted.  In order to invite our dreams to manifest, doing some housekeeping is in order.  Questions such as:

What am I holding onto that isn’t serving me?

What toxic relationships or influences are influencing my ability to grow and transform?

What changes am I willing to make in order to realize my dreams?

Do I have my feet planted firmly on the ground?

Do I know what the ground beneath me feels like, smells like, what nutrients is lacking or is robust in?

How can I rise as my purest self to find balance?

What aspects of my life am I allowing my ego to hinder me?

These thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg.  It took me many attempts to realize I was not manifesting my desires because there was literally no where in my life for these dreams to take root.  And, yes, cleaning my house of clutter (an ongoing ritual) was dirty, messy, and dark.  However, the benefits are incomparable.


Here is a Creating Space mantra that I have found to be helpful when making decisions and reflecting upon how I spend time:

Insert Ten Deep Breathes…

I desire peace and happiness.

In this moment, I am peace and happiness.

Moving forward, I invite peace and happiness into my life, home, heart, and family.


This came to me after realizing that peace and happiness where two things that I hope to manifest.  Happy space creating for you today!




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